• Surviving Sepsis

    Surviving Sepsis

    by improving vascular integrity
    Septic shock - the killer #1 on intensive care units - results from
    loss of vascular integrity
  • Adrenomedullin


    Key regulator of vascular integrity
    The vasoactive hormone is highly elevated in patients with septic shock
    indicating the body's need to improve endothelial barrier function
  • Adrecizumab


    Improving Vascular Integrity
    The humanized monoclonal anti-ADM antibody modulates Adrenomedullin
    activity and improves vascular integrity & sepsis survival

Improving vascular integrity in Sepsis ... and beyond

8 million people die from sepsis each year worldwide, despite antibiotics and intensive care. Adrenomed aims to prevent the fatal septic shock by modulating the activity of the vasoactive hormone Adrenomedullin (ADM), a key regulator of vascular integrity.

Our first-in-class clinical stage drug candidate Adrecizumab is a humanized monoclonal ADM-specific antibody that improves endothelial barrier function and prevents vascular leakage. After demonstrating excellent tolerability, safety & efficacy in preclinical animal models and healthy subjects, Adrecizumab will now be tested first in a stratified clinical phase II study in early septic shock.